Monday, July 9, 2018

Listing Sites To Help Promote Your Special Events

Events listing is part of online marketing and promotion; hence it is considered a primary element of an event marketing strategy.  If you happen to be an event organizer, it is beneficial for you to make use of free event listing sites to maximize exposure and to enhance publicity of the event. There are a few tactics that organizers should implement to promote such events with the use of such free sites:

It is necessary to choose the right keywords.
You have to tag your event using the keywords you target. This will enable you to have a wider coverage. It helps to avoid just using the usual words like “music.” Instead you can use the name of the venue or the artist’s name. You have to focus on more precise words so that attendees will be able to find your event easily.

You need to provide a picture of the event on the event listing site.
When you provide the picture, you have to make sure that it suits the criteria given by the site. You may need to customize the picture more if it’s required by the site. Profiles with a catchy pictures are likely to attract more viewers. 

You may need to provide a concert ticket link.
Through providing the ticket link, you can try to secure more registrations for your event. When you have a ticket link, and viewers stop by a listing site and find your event with a ticket link, they can directly buy tickets through that link. 

You have to choose carefully the sites that are most relevant.
If you only post your ad on the most appropriate sites, you are more likely to gain the attention of most concert viewers. Think closely the purpose of your event and try to get to know more the profile of your audience. This will help you figure out which event listing sites can help in promoting your event.

Tulsa has a lot of events that can be given the right exposure through these event listing sites. Examples of such events are the following: The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials and Seven Guitars, a play written by Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson which depicts the funeral or a blues guitarist.